Rev Dr Curtis T Harding Jr, Senior Pastor

19602 119th Avenue Saint Ablans NY 11412

St Albans Baptist Church

The Food Pantry Ministry

​Brother Horrace Hall, Ministry Leader

The Food Pantry Ministry was started in 1998 after the Share program was terminated. The Share program was a self help project; the participants paid between $10-$15 for the food and received in return $30 worth of food items.

Bro. Clymesol Dantley volunteered to spearhead this project with the help of volunteers from different ministries in the church. This project existed from 1995-1997.

Bro. Dantley was still determined to continue this type of service to the church and community but “free” of charge to the participants. So with prayer and patience in 1998 two existing agencies were discovered, “The United Way” and “Food Bank”. This marked the beginning of St. Albans Baptist Church Food Pantry Ministry; of course with the consent of our Pastor and the Trustee Board.

These agencies deliver quality food to the site free of charge.

In the beginning the pantry serviced 25-50 families and now it has increased to 1,000 families or more monthly. The Food Pantry bags consist of the pyramid food items. The volunteers of the Share program continued to work with the food pantry and was able to recruit other members.
Bro. Dantley with his volunteers continue to work diligently and cheerfully to this day. There are 25-30 volunteers in this ministry. Food is distributed on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays year round from 10am-12noon and 2nd and 4th Fridays between June and November 10am-12 noon. Emergencies are also accommodated.
Come One Come All!